Hello world! 🙂


I wanted to start a completely anonymous blog of my thoughts and opinions on the F word. You know, the BAD one that no-one likes to hear. The one where if it get mentioned in a group, some people roll their eyes. Some sigh and say ‘Oh here we go’. And others might just walk off. I’m talking about FEMINISM.


First of all, since I seem to get these reactions, I will explain what feminism IS


Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.[1][2]In addition, feminism seeks to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist is a “person whose beliefs and behavior are based on feminism.”[3] – Wikiedia.

Women AND MEN can be feminists. Women and men who believe in and agree with the above statement.


Now let me tell you what feminism is NOT.

Feminism is NOT about hating men / thinking women are better than men / should have more rights than men.

If you ever meet a man or women who says they are a feminist yet says things like this, send them to me. They are letting the side down and give us REAL feminists the bad name and reputation we now seem to have.


Now I will tell you a little about my personal feminism.

I do shave. I wear make-up daily. I wear hair extensions and paint my nails. I love shopping and dresses and SKYSCRAPER heels! I have a boyfriend and I ADORE him. I can’t think of anything he would ask me that I wouldn’t do for him. Because I know he would never ask me to do anything he thought I would be uncomfortable doing.

A lot of your pre-conceptualised feminists might not agree that I should do all that. I have had other feminists say to me “Why do you wear make-up and hair extensions if you’re a feminist? You are just confirming to men that we have to look ‘nice’ for them and ‘pretty’ all the time”.

Well I say this. I disagree with female feminists who don’t wear make-up or ‘dress up’ for the specific reason that men might look at them as sexual objects, as that is still putting men at the centre of everything you do! How you dress. How you walk. How you behave. You’re doing so, so men won’t look at you in a certain way. So men will see past your appearance and see your personality. Well I simply refuse to make men the focus of my day to day life! Or other women for that matter. I dress for me and no-one else. If I want to go on a night out wearing a skimpy dress and heels, I will do. But NOT because I want any attention. Simply because it makes me feel good. And I enjoy make up as I can totally change the way I look with the flick of an eye-liner wand or the sweep of a powder brush from ‘country girl next door’ to ‘screen siren’ in minutes, and you know what? It’s FUN. I play with make up as I would change an outfit for a different occasion.

So that’s just me. I will head my posts in categories of RANT = When I need to blow off some steam about a situation that’s pissed me off. OPINION DISCUSSION = When I have a thought that I haven’t come to my own conclusion on yet and am just pondering the answer to. If there even is an answer! and I want your opinions, or GENERAL POST for everything in-between.  There may well be more but I will think of those as we go along 🙂


If anyone has any questions I will happily answer them. No matter what I think about things, I welcome others opinions as sometimes it helps strengthen or completely break my own opinion on a subject. At the very least, it is always good to see something from another’s point of view. Here we go…..


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