June 20, 2012

What do you see?

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What do you see?

I’ve always loved this. Really makes you think. Because your opinion on something is only that. Your opinion. It’s a complete 180 for someone else…



  1. Dale said,

    I’ll take the third option. Choice.
    Not every issue has only two sides. In free societies, both women are free to dress and think however they wish. However in some countries there is little or no freedom for women. I don’t want my daughter to dress as either woman when she grows up. But I’m glad she is growing up in a nation that will allow her to choose.

    • I agree that in free societies both woman are free to dress as they wish. But peer pressure can be a very strong force. She would indeed grow up in a nation that will allow her to choose, but will undoubtedly still heavily influence her decision.
      Not wanting to comment on the women on the right as I am not from her background, I will say what I think of the woman on the left.
      Yes. She is free to choose how to dress. And I, like you would hope to bring up my daughters/ children (I don’t have any yet) believing they are free to do so. But even I have grown up into a world where pressure from advertising, magazines, television, ‘LAD culture’ etc. is telling me, as a woman, to lose weight, darken my skin with fake tan, lighten my hair and teeth with bleach, increase the size of my lips and boobs with lip gloss and a wonderbra or a boob job. It never stops.

      I do believe women are their worst enemy here. Constantly judging each other and competing the have the best of all these worlds. The best ‘peacock display’ to catch a ‘mate’ with. It’s exhausting! Yes. I hope my children will grow up with the freedom to choose how THEY want to dress, against all the odds and criticism they would no doubt receive as a result.

      As for the photo itself, I agree not all issues only have two sides but I liked the thought provocativeness of it. A lot of women from each culture view the other as this picture states. But when you see how the other views you, I find it makes you stop and think. It did me anyway.

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